Illustration: Stefanie Hödlmoser

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Anton Sigl

The Brave Cannoneer of the Schlossberg

Major Hackher, the lion-like defender of the Schlossberg against Napoleon’s troops in 1809, is a famous figure in Graz. But who knows Anton Sigl? – He was one of the around 900 men who bravely stood their ground in the Schlossberg fortress at that time. And he left us vivid testimonies of this time of radical change: two models of the Schlossberg and a manuscript that describes the events of that time particularly vividly. In addition to his large model of the Schlossberg, his story of the siege and defence of the Schlossberg fortress is now presented as images in the Graz Museum.

Accompanying the exhibition, the graphic novel Anton Sigl, the Brave Cannoneer of the Schlossberg illustrated by Stefanie Hödlmoser will be released.

Curators: Annette Rainer, Martina Zerovnik
Project management: Johanna Fiedler
Project controlling: Sibylle Dienesch
Script graphic novel: Annette Rainer, Martina Zerovnik
Illustrations graphic novel: Stefanie Hödlmoser
Military history consulting: Elisabeth Berger
Exhibition design and graphic design: BUERO41A/Thomas Untersweg, Christina Zettl
Painting Speaking Image: Portrait of Anton Sigl by August Kraus, around 1840, oil on canvas, Neue Galerie Graz Universalmuseum Joanneum
Animation Speaking Image: Unter freiem Himmel/Michael Frager, Benjamin Hable, Gernot Stefl
Voice and audio production Speaking Image: Horst Schnattler/Klangkulisse

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