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Veranstaltung Wed, 25.09.2019 | 09 o'clock

Sprachenfest 2019

Unter dem Motto "Graz spricht viele Sprachen!" findet im GrazMuseum das 7. Grazer Sprachenfest statt - mit Führungen, Workshops und einem vielschichtigen Kulturprogramm.

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Opening Wed, 02.10.2019 | 18 o'clock


The exhibition is approaching the common history of Lower Styria, via a widespread medium of this time: the postcard. She asks about the coexistence, juxtaposition, sometimes also against each other of the German and Slovenian-speaking population in Lower Styria.

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Opening Wed, 02.10.2019 | 19 o'clock

Opening “Bridges, Baths, Boulevards”

With its impressive paintings, posters, photographs and plans, the exhibition is reminiscent of old Graz, of those times when beauty was still a declared planning goal and in which the state capital made the claim to be a big city.

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