13.02.2019 - 07.04.2019

Different in a Perfectly Normal Manner

30 Years of Tuntenball

Three decades of Tuntenball not only tell of the development of a small costume party in the university canteen into the extravagant highlight of the ball season in the magnificent Graz Congress. It also reflects society’s approach to diversity. It goes hand in hand with the history of the RosaLila PantherInnen and their struggle for social recognition and equality of the lesbian and gay communities. The exhibition is dedicated to the most colourful moments, the most striking social transformations, and invites the museum visitors to the openness and diversity that is experienced at the Tuntenball.

Curators: Franziska Schurig, Martina Zerovnik
Exhibition design and graphic design: kontrastvoll
Academic advice: Hans-Peter Weingand

In cooperation with the association RosaLila PantherInnen.