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Who owns cultural heritage, and how will we deal with it in the future? These questions were the cornerstone of the EU-funded project “ReInHerit”, which is a joint venture by several cultural and educational institutions. In a collaborative process, the Graz Museum, together with the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens and the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation in Nicosia, developed a concept for a growing Travelling Exhibition, three Digital Exhibitions and a growing Digital Collection on the themes of conflict, craftsmanship and gender roles. The mission of museums is to make cultural heritage accessible to an interested public. That is why we have explored the question of how objects can be presented in space when the original itself cannot be exhibited. The objects shown digitally in space by the three partner museums are given an unconventional form of presentation that offers innovative ways of interacting. The flexible exhibition concept will continue to grow steadily as it is adopted and expanded by other interested cultural institutions.

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ReThinking CONFLICTS – How are conflicts reflected in objects?
The project show ReThinking CONFLICTS approaches three different historical conflicts and contexts from different perspectives through three objects. These perspectives reveal the complexity of conflicts and encourage us to challenge traditional narratives. The objects on display come from the museum collections in Graz, Athens and Nicosia.

ReThinking CRAFTSMANSHIP – How can we preserve crafts?
This exhibition aims to highlight different types of craftsmanship in relation to natural materials and the processes they undergo, how they relate to the current discourse on sustainability and environmental issues, and their relevance in cultural heritage.

ReThinking IDENTITIES – Who defines who I am?
In this exhibition, we focus on three key objects which connect identities from antiquity to today’s world.

Digital Hub
Visit the ReInHerit digital exhibitions, the online collection, and the eShop; experiment with the ReInHerit applications; and listen to the Museums Up podcast.

Digital Collection
Die Digitale Sammlung bietet die Möglichkeit, Objekte aus unterschiedlichen Sammlungen aus ganz Europa zu entdecken.

Curators: Catalin Betz, Sibylle Dienesch
Co-Curators Museum of Cycladic Art: Marina Plati, Eleni Markou, Nefeli Bantela
Co-Curator Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation: Irini Khenkin
Texts: Catalin Betz supported by Bernhard Bachinger & Angela Fink, Sibylle Dienesch, Martina Pock
Project Management Exhibition: Catalin Betz, Antonia Nussmüller
Digital Curators: Catalin Betz, Helene Gödl, Antonia Nussmüller
Exhibition Design and Graphic Design: studio-itzo
Programming Interactive Exhibition Tool: Tronic Innovation GmbH
Programming Intro and Outro: Chiara Zuanni (University of Graz), Tronic Innovation GmbH
Programming Digital Exhibitions (online): Chiara Zuanni (University of Graz), Tronic Innovation GmbH
Programming Digital Collection (online): Tronic Innovation GmbH
Cultural Education Program, Quality Assurance and Support: Angela Fink
Translations German to English: Kate Howlett-Jones
Translations English to German: Lisa Schantl
Proofreading German Texts: Zwiebelfisch / Elisabeth Stadler
Speaker Voice Recordings: Irina Karamarković, Felix Krauss, Sandra Lipp, David McShane
Voice Recordings: denovaire
Animations: Helene Gödl
Public Relations: Martina Pock
Social Media: Dominique Köhler
Production and Exhibition Setup: Andreas Albaner, Herbert Fortin, Grafx Live Marketing und Werbearchitektur, Edin Prnjavorac
Lighting: Edin Prnjavorac
Educational Program: – Die Fachstelle für Kinder-, Jugend- und BürgerInnenbeteiligung, Angela Fink, Martin Hammer
Development Philomat Questions: Wolfgang Buschlinger
Collection Graz Museum: Katharina Mraček-Gabalier
Smart Lens: MICC, Eleonora Ristori
Support: Susanne Ådahl (ARCADA), Jörn Harfst (University of Graz), Sina Krottmaier (University of Graz), Chiara Zuanni (University of Graz)

Financial support:
horizon2020 / Call „Transformations“

3 years (2021 – 2023)

Project partners:
Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, Arte Sostenible, University of Florence– MICC, European Cultural Tourism Network (ECTN), Univerity of Nicosia, Materahub, Museum of Cycladic Art, University Graz – ZIM, CYENS, Blue Shield, ARCADA, Graz Museum