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The collection of the GrazMuseum is very heterogeneous with regard to both its inventory and its realisation. Thus it appears rather randomly grown than purposefully collected. Donations, collecting, and acquisitions—for the most part in order to provide works for special exhibitions—have characterised the collection. In order to structure this diversity, the inventory was divided into 15 collections. From 2005 to late 2006, we took stock of the items of the collection anew and registered more than 100,000 objects in the course of this, and entered them into a database.
The division into collection areas is not compelling at first sight but has resulted from grown inventories of the collection such as the pharmacy inventory, the militaria, and the theatre and musical instruments collection. The designation of the other areas of the collection is rather based on the materiality of the objects: books, photographs, archival documents, illustrated postcards, graphic works, paintings, furniture, numismatics, objects, plans, sculptures. In order to sharpen the profile of the collections—to eliminate weaknesses and further develop strengths—a collecting strategy has been developed for the GrazMuseum in recent years.

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